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Ing. Olga Vicente

The boat station belongs to Tigre Municipality, which also runs the station, as it has not been privatized. It is located at Av. Mitre 305, on the banks of the Luján River. Nearby is the Delta station on the Tren de la Costa rail line, Tigre station on the Mitre rail line, the Puerto de Frutos market, and the main road into Tigre town center.

After painstaking restoration work, Tigre Municipality recovered the 1865 building that functioned as the Mitre rail line terminus until 1996, and which has been the headquarters for the new marina since 2000. In April 1996 Tigre Municipality opened the first phase of the project, which has changed the way transport in Tigre looks and functions. On the same day Av. de las Naciones Unidas (a thoroughfare connecting the Panamerican Highway with Tigre town center) was opened, as was the green space which lines the avenue from Av. Rocha to Av. Cazón and the current Mitre line rail terminus. This was the first stage of the construction work. The next involved renovating the emblematic, old, disused, English-style train station in order to convert it into the passenger boat station. It was inaugurated on April 27, 2000, and its renovated façade and modern marina are a dramatic gateway to the delta.

The launches and larger catamarans which operate routes through the delta zone arrive and depart from the boat station continually. Some are regular transport lines, and others are timetabled tourist services. Taxi launches are also available at the boat station. Though more expensive, they are ideal for short rides in groups of four to six people.

The traditional way of boarding boats, which involved jumping onto the prow with the help of crew members, has been replaced by a system of floating aluminum walkways and sliding ramps which move with the water levels to help passengers board. On sunny Sundays year-round, an average 70,000 to 80,000 people visit Tigre.

The public transport system consists of 50 public launches which can carry 100 passengers each. They are based at the Tigre boat station and are run by three companies: Interisleña, Jilguero, and Líneas Delta Argentino. Together they work like a city bus system, allowing delta residents and tourists to travel between the islands of the delta and the town center. In general the launches maintain a 1940s look but are powered by the latest motors. There are also ten catamarans which can carry some 250 passengers each, launches for day trips and outings, and boats used exclusively for trips into the delta with tour groups of up to 15 people.

View of the Domingo F. Sarmiento Boat Station from Av. Mitre.

View of the Domingo F. Sarmiento Boat Station from the Tigre River.

Public launch traveling through the delta.

Different transport lines throughout the delta.

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