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Inés Camilloni
Vicente Barros

This Thematic Unit provides an analysis of the atmospheric conditions of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. To this end, we present the climatic characteristics most relevant to the region through a description of the average conditions of atmospheric variables such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, cloud coverage and wind. Also presented is an analysis of the occurrence of extreme daily conditions: maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and precipitation.

The weather data analyzed correspond to a group of stations belonging to the National Meteorologic Service located in the study region.

The processes of urbanization and industrialization produce modifications in the characteristics of the earth’s surface and of the local atmosphere through the transformation of its radiatives properties. These modifications occur to temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloud coverage, and wind.

This chapter contrasts the values of different meteorologic variables measured inside of the City of Buenos Aires and its surrounding rural area. In addition, it presents the state of pollutants as determined by the geographic and climatic characteristics of the region as well as air quality data. It also includes information about noise pollution.

It also shows observed variations in temperature, wind, and precipitation which occurred during the last decades in the region and provides an analysis of several perspectives of future climate change, considering different scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions.

Average and
extreme average temperatures

Wind diagram

Average precipitation

Average sunlight exposure

Average days with precipitation

Days with strong wind

Days with fog

Area and stations of observation

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